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"Lagoon on path to 3-year restoration:, 2006-11-09, Union Tribune

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"Photo: Flow & Ebb", 2006-09-23, Union Tribune

"Heavy equipment opens San Dieguito River at Del Mar", 2006-09-23, NC Times

"Del Mar: Birds to Finally Get Refurbished Home", 2006-09-11, San Diego Business Journal

"San Dieguito Lagoon Wetlands ready to undergo major restoration", 2006-09-06, San Diego Daily Transcript

"Work on $86 million lagoon restoration to begin", 2006-09-03, NC Times

"Work on $86 million lagoon restoration to begin", 2006-09-03, ABC News

"San Dieguito Lagoon Slated To Be Restored", 2006-09-03, CBS News

"Lagoon Project Clears Final Hurdle", 2006-09-01, Del Mar Times

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"Believe it! Work's set to start on San Dieguito Lagoon", 2006-08-30, Union Tribune

"Restoration Work Begins on San Dieguito Wetlands Project", 2006-08-24, Press Release

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"San Dieguito River Park Appreciation Event", 2006-07-06, Social Diary

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"Forward, Marsh", 2006-03-19, Union Tribune

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"Lagoon restoration is now on track save for one key approval", 2006-02-16, Del Mar Times

"Caterpillars Set to Invade the San Dieguito Wetlands", 2006-02-10, City of Del Mar

"Residents get a look at river project", 2006-02-03, Coast News

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"Learning About Lagoons", 2006-01-28, Union Tribune 

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